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2019 Platinum Series Featuring Oscar Gutierrez

2019 Platinum Series Featuring Oscar Gutierrez



Progression can be subtle and sometimes hard to detect. We know this firsthand, from the hundreds of board models we’ve created over the years. Our Platinum boards all have something extra built into them, and the enhanced performance becomes apparent the moment you step on, and start moving. Higher quality components, stronger constructions and improved outlines all come together to create a more refined ride that this series is known for.

Canyon Catapult: The Canyon Catapult is a multifaceted board that provides a lowered, incredibly stable ride. Whether you’re pushing a long distance, trying out for our Downhill Division team on steep grades, or just freeriding through your favorite local spots, you can consistently count on this board to meet or exceed all your expectations.

Valley Fault Line: A fault line is the trace pattern of a planar fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock. Hmm, that's nice. In this case, the Valley Fault Line is a highly functional freeride board that has a platform (a footwall in geological terms) that has been dropped below the hanging wall (oops, another geo term). This gives you a great place to lock in your feet, as well as allowing for more controlled drifts and slides. Skate nerd approved! 

Shallows Dropper: Drop-through truck mounts and a 0.625" drop rocker create a low center of gravity, making Shallows Dropper both stable and easy to push (not to mention amazingly easy to slide!). The symmetrical shape and kicktails lend themselves to freeride and freestyle fun.

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