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Ryland continues his tear at NSSA O-side with another win! We sat down with him for a couple quick questions below.

How do you find time for homework ?? 

After I surf or skate, I will crank through my homework until it’s done.  I just got my report card and got a 3.86 GPA, so now my dad owes me some $$$$.... 

What grade are you in? 

I’m in 6th grade at PBMS 

Whats your favorite food? 

Anything Chocolate and Pizza 

If you were a dog what kind would you be? 

Maybe a Jack Russell as I have non-stop motor and a crazy side when needed. 

How do you call someone off a wave ??? 

I don’t like to yell, that’s not my style.  However, I may change my style as this old barney at my home break is always back paddling me and acts like he’s in a heat with me… 

San Diego is ________? 

Home of the free and land of the brave 

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