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We were going to try and write something for this, but its best left in the hands of the owner: 

"Hey guys, I've got two tattoos that's from your company and I figured maybe you'd enjoy seeing them. But there's a story behind it you'd never guess. I've been longboarding for about 5 years now, all Because I became friends with a guy named Aaron Boileau. He was a few years older than me but we both played football. He was #36. As time went on, we both skated together a lot and became great friends. A few years ago he joined the army. Did five years as a green beret and was discharged this February. Two [months] ago he passed away due to military related issues. And how else to commemorate my friend than a tattoo of our biggest connection: our love for skating. So I have my Goddess (with additional color), his favorite Sector 9 quote, and his number on me forever. God bless you guys and your company." 

-Jake Cheshier 


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